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Seed Beads Are Versatile For Jewelry Making

Seed beads, small glass beads, have been used for decoration for a long time. Those beads come in a variety of shapes from long bugle tube to the common cylinder shape. They have various and beautiful colors, any imaginable color can be found in the market.Seed beads are typically sold by the hand (a group of strings) or by weight (loose in a bag). There is a large range of their size, from 5/0 to 24/0, 5/0 is the largest and 24/0 is the smallest. The most commonly used sized are from 6/0 to 15/0. Seed beads are very colorful and versatile. They are just there to wait to be transformed into wonderful decoration to light up your life. Seed beads are the perfect beads for your beadwork.Shapes of Seed BeadsRound seed beads: these seed beads are actually more donuts shaped, and are available in size 6, 8, 11, 12 and 15. If you see a beading pattern calling for size 10/0 (Czech beads), you can use size 11/0 in place of those beads.Cube beads: they are just as they sound. Those beads have four sides like a cube, bu...


Where Colored Diamonds Come From And How They Are Named

A lot of people are starting to like the more colorful diamonds more than the original clear white diamond. A lot of diamond colors come from the earth from which they are mined, but others jewelers color to make them look good. So to make it cheaper on the buyer, jewelers have made less expensive stones that are just less in value to sell to those looking for a cheap stone.Natural stones can be treated and cleaned with a high heat system called irradiation and other stones are painted to raise value. Many people like stones to have no color and consider them to be more of value but others enjoy the bright colors in their stones. Most colored diamonds are mined that way naturally. Some may turn green from heat and radiation others from nitrogen causing yellow stones.The scales in which the two types are looked at are colored diamonds and regular diamonds. A colored stone is based on the blue colors found, and then they are scored on the potency of that color. If you were to have a very colorful shiny ston...


Gemstone Rings: The Rest Of The Story

Gemstone rings are often highly sought after for their brilliant colors and artistic designs. There is no denying that these rings are breathtaking, but the stories and beliefs behind them have made them priceless. Some of the most popular stones today such as opals, emeralds, and amethyst, have been used by ancient civilizations for thousands of years.Emeralds in Gemstone RingsThe love affair with emeralds began in ancient South America with civilizations such as the Incas and the Aztecs. In these societies, these striking green gemstones were used as religious symbols. Across the sea in ancient Egypt, Cleopatra became so enthralled with them that she exhausted several mines in an attempt to satisfy her hunger for the gemstone. Rome also used emeralds for religious purposes as it represented Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. In more recent history, emeralds have been used to prevent epilepsy, improve brain function, and were thought to enhance romantic connections. Opals in Gemstone RingsOpals often con...


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