Seed Beads Are Versatile For Jewelry Making

Seed beads, small glass beads, have been used for decoration for a long time. Those beads come in a variety of shapes from long bugle tube to the common cylinder shape. They have various and beautiful colors, any imaginable color can be found in the market.

Seed beads are typically sold by the hand (a group of strings) or by weight (loose in a bag). There is a large range of their size, from 5/0 to 24/0, 5/0 is the largest and 24/0 is the smallest. The most commonly used sized are from 6/0 to 15/0. Seed beads are very colorful and versatile. They are just there to wait to be transformed into wonderful decoration to light up your life. Seed beads are the perfect beads for your beadwork.

Shapes of Seed Beads
Round seed beads: these seed beads are actually more donuts shaped, and are available in size 6, 8, 11, 12 and 15. If you see a beading pattern calling for size 10/0 (Czech beads), you can use size 11/0 in place of those beads.

Cube beads: they are just as they sound. Those beads have four sides like a cube, but with a round hole.

Bugle beads: they are longer tub e-shaped beads, and they are available in various lengths for varying purposes and effects.

Teardrop beads: those beads are small droplet shapes or egg shapes with the hole at the small end.

Seed beads jewelries are more and more popular in recent years. Many jewelry designers like to use those beads to weave complicated jewelry pieces or patterns only. Seed beads are also frequently used as spacers in straight stringing and mixed media projects. Those beads are available in both your local craft stores and jewelry beads online stores. But if you would like to get more selections and lower prices, I would like to suggest you to buy them from jewelry beads wholesale online stores. Finding a reputable wholesale online store is quite important, as there are tens of thousands of beads wholesale online stores in the world and their quality and price are not the same.

Where to buy seed beads? Emily, a jewelry designer from USA, said:" I have making jewelry for several years, and I like making seed beads jewelry best, for those beads are very beautiful and versatile in jewelry making. As we all know that materials play an important role in jewelry making, so get high quality beads is quite important. I am so glad that I don't need to worry about my sources anymore, as I have found my reliable 5 years ago. It is a China beads, findings & gems online market. No matter you have a company of jewelry making or personal jewelry store, PandaHall can satisfy you with different solution according to your needs. What is more, its prices are really competitive."

Would like to make amazing seed beads jewelry pieces? Just find your reputable supplier and start it.


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